Black Earth is a Pathfinder campaign set in the very distant future. Earth is now the last home of the dragons, as well as homeland of elves, dwarves, demons, wizards and more. After the downfall of man at the end of Age of Steel there was a period of nigh eternal darkness, and when the world awoke, it was a new place of wonder, magic, and danger. The Age of Steel now forgotten, those technologies and discoveries now long lost secrets.

It started in the year 1604, during the Age of Dragons. It didn’t stay there long though. The story followed a group that mostly couldn’t stand each-other. They quickly teamed up with an eccentric time-traveler, the destination was anywhere and everywhere; not that they agreed on those locations, of course.

Our group did battle with mysterious foes, and their actions were closely watched and influenced by the gods themselves. Eventually their bonds grew strong as they regularly fought against dragons, demons, and inhuman horrors most mortals could never imagine exist. But to stand against such forces came with a dire price…

With many of his friends lost, and trapped in a time period that is not his own, the Red King, Kyron carries on their quest, the fire of vengeance now fueling him. Kyron will have to recruit new allies to the cause if he wishes to make any headway.


Game: Pathfinder
Level: ~15
Platform: Maptool 1.3 b89
Meeting Time: Tuesday from 6:30 to 10:30 EST

Playstyle: Light to Moderate combat, with more emphasis on role playing. The GM can be flexible in the name of fun and fairness and creativity on the part of the players is encouraged.

Joining: I’m afraid we are no longer accepting new players.


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Black Earth

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