Heavy Fighter


“It’s hard to tell how old the boy in front of you is. Although a bit weathered looking, he has a very young face, maybe just into his teens, straight and short gold/brown hair, bright green eyes. Atop his head sits a strange silvery crown. He’s also six feet tall and wearing a full suit of gleaming full plate, though he moves comfortably enough in it. Even stranger are the dragon-like wings extending to his sides. He is exceedingly well armed as well. Between his wings are a long, curved blade sheathed at an angle, a hunting rifle crossed in the opposite direction, and a backpack over them that looks loaded. His eyes are constantly wandering over his surroundings, not necessarily in an alert fashion.”


Kyron is kind and often forgiving, but if he thinks you’re evil, you’d best start running. He loves good company and having fun almost as much as he loves swords and chopping bad guys in half. Inspite of his often childlike behavior, Kyron is wise beyond his years, and pragmatic in combat. He is friendly to almost everyone he comes across, at least at first.


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