Professional Backstabber


“Along with the group is a young girl, maybe sixteen or seventeen. She wears khaki colored pants which fit her long legs well, under a short, dark red skirt. The rest of her clothes are also in warm colors, three layers form her top, the outermost appears armored and reinforced, plus a red coat that matches her skirt, and a cream undershirt. Resting on her hips are two swords, each slender, though one is several inches shorter than the other. Alongside the longer one is another item, a small handgun in a shoulder holster, the butt of the gun visible, and within easy enough reach. Her hair is cut short. Her face, especially along one side of her jaw, is covered in scars, from some long ago fire. Her hands also bare these scars, and there is one on the back of her wrist which forms a perfect cross shape. She’s terribly cute, or would be, if not for the scars.”



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